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How to get beautiful eyelashes

Get my stylist reviews on which mascara and eyelash serum products actually work for YOU
Melinda Porter from Eyelash Gorgeous

You can make your eyelashes the focal point of your look in many ways. There different techniques you can apply to intensify them and make them stand out, and I can tell you just how.

Hi, my name is Melinda Porter, and I am a certified eyelash extension specialist based in Saint Louis. Aside from graduating in cosmetology school, I have engaged in a number of courses regarding eyelash extensions, and eyelash care in general. Working at a beauty salon gives me the opportunity to deal with different cases and client requests.

I specialize in eyelash extensions, but it also requires being familiar with skin care and all the important aspects of eyelash care.

My goal is providing you with solid information on all relevant topics concerning eyelash care and accentuation. Learn how to enhance your natural lashes, re-grow them, or use certain ‘accessories’ to amplify them.


5 Best Individual False Eyelashes for Casual Glam

Many of you are probably wondering why would anyone use individual false lashes in the first place. Applying a full strip of lash may seem so much easier. However, the possibilities with individual false lashes are endless. Not only can you apply them easily, but you...