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Not all of us have been blessed with luscious eyelashes. Even girls with naturally full and long lashes need additional drama on their eyes at times. Whether you want a bolder look, or you’re just tired of applying countless layers of mascara – falsies are the solution. Depending on your personal style, preference and eye shape, the choice of false eyelashes can vary. Certain eyelashes go well with those every day ‘no makeup’ makeup’ looks. They accentuate the eye just enough to make you look fresh and awake. On the other hand, there are those pairs of lashes which will steal the show. These are definitely recommended for days when you wear more makeup.

Regardless of the eyelash choice, the crucial choice concerns the eyelash glue. You can spend hours perfecting your false eyelashes application, but it’s not enough. You wanna skip the hassle of having to reapply them during the day. Once the eyelash corner is up, there’s no quick fix. You simply have to take them off and start over. It can ruin your eye makeup, and your party mood. Therefore, to be able to wear your falsies proudly and fearlessly, you must be wise when it comes to eyelash glue.

The best eyelash glue changes texture in a matter of seconds. You don’t want to wait too long for the eyelash glue to dry, especially if you’re in a rush. You also want to make sure that it distributes evenly and without patchiness. The applicator makes a difference, as well.

How to tell good false eyelash glue from one not worth buying?

The crucial factor in false eyelashes application is false eyelash glue. Without a good, trustworthy glue, it can quickly turn into a disaster. With the right false eyelash glue you’ll enjoy the application and it’ll become very easy with time. A little bit of practice and a good glue make an unbeatable combination.

Now, there are some important factors to consider when buying an eyelash glue. The first one is the formula. Eyelash glue should have a consistency which turns from liquid-y to sticky quickly. With some glues waiting for the glue to get ‘tacky’ can take awhile. If you try to apply the lash while the glue is still wet, it can create a mess all over the eyelid. The easiest and the best way to position falsies is when the glue gets sticky. This will ensure that the lashes stay on for as long as you want them to. With a good glue, there’s no need of touching up or reapplying during the day. One of the most annoying things that can happen while you’re on the go is for a lash corner to lift up.

The formula should be strong, but not too strong. Products such as eyelash glue can be really harsh on the delicate eye skin. Obviously, it is important for your eye lash glue to be safe for your eyes, since it can get in your eye by accident.

Finally, the packaging is important, too. The best eyelash glues have precise applicators which make it easy to use just the right amount. With certain glues you can’t control the amount of the product that comes out. Also, you have to use different tools to coat the lash band. However, even if your favorite eyelash glue doesn’t come with an applicator, you can always make it work.

Cardani LATEX FREE Secure Hold Glue for False Eyelashes – #1 Professional Fake Eyelash Glue Adhesive

Being one of the best professional eyelash glues on the market, Cardani eyelash glue is a real delight. The attribute ‘professional’ is there for a reason. Many professional makeup artist indeed swear by this eyelash adhesive. What it provides is the power to hold your lashes for a really long time, without hurting your skin. It is crucial for an eyelash adhesive to have this combination in its formula. You want it to give you the strength without damaging the sensitive eye skin.

This eyelash adhesive has a long-lasting staying power. However, that doesn’t require a damaging effect on your skin. The latex-free formula is gentle on the skin, and easier to work with. Speaking of the benefits, it is also cruelty-free. This means that it is an organic, vegan product. The eyelash adhesive doesn’t contain any sulfate, gluten, and is also BPA free. Long story short: it won’t cause any eye infections or allergies. You can use it on a daily basis, without worrying about the side effects.

Moreover, this eyelash adhesive has a brush applicator. And, trust me when I say, the applicator makes a world of a difference. It makes the glue application precise and incredibly easy. This way, the glue won’t get all over the place when you’re applying the lashes. Also, you won’t be wasting any of it by pouring out a larger amount. With a brush applicator, you can add just the amount you need. The glue dries clear, so it won’t be noticeable.

Finally, you can use this product to set your eyebrows in place. How great is that?

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

Revlon has a long reputation of launching some of the best makeup items out there. It is no wonder that this eyelash glue makes our list of the 5 best eyelash adhesives. It feels absolutely incredible wearing falsies. In fact, I can’t even imagine a full-face makeup look without them anymore. The effect they produce is hard to top. As you already know, it is of great importance for the lashes to stay in place. And it is definitely not one of those things you can rush or do on-the-go.

The Revlon Precision Eyelash Adhesive also has a latex-free formula. This is something that you should gravitate towards, even if you don’t have sensitive eyes. Also, it dries clear, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. Glues which dry clear are especially good for beginners.

The thin applicator brush allows you to control the application and the amount of glue. Finally, it is waterproof, so those lashes ain’t going anywhere!

Kiss I Envy Super Strong Hold Eyelash Adhesive Latex Free

Yet another great glue which is safe for your skin. It can be hard finding an eyelash glue which is strong and gentle at the same time. This eyelash adhesive contains no latex, or any other damaging ingredient. Yet, other ingredients in the formula do make the eyelash glue trustworthy. Just because it lacks latex doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust a particular eyelash adhesive.

Although you’re probably not gonna have much contact with water when wearing them, you never know. In certain occasions such as weddings, tears of joy may occur. For events where you should be prepared for anything, this eyelash glue is your best choice. It is both waterproof and sweat proof. These characteristics make it one of the trusty eyelash glues you can use in the summer time. Using non-waterproof eyelash glues in the heat can be a bit of a risk. With this Kiss I Envy eyelash adhesive you’ll feel confident regardless of the weather circumstances.

This eyelash glue also dries completely transparent. This means that the white liquid will shift into clear once it dries on your eyes. The white consistency helps you determine the amount and apply it onto the lash band. Once it dries clear, it won’t be noticeable to anyone. Also, even if you get it somewhere on the eyelid, it won’t show. This is way it is best not to start off with dark color glues if you’re a beginner. There’s also a brush applicator for effortless application.

Lus Eye Liquid Glue – Black

And now, for those of you who know their way around falsies – a tinted eyelash adhesive. This Lus Eye Liquid Glue in Black is great for those of you who have some experience in this area. Girls who are still trying out this method may not love this product as much. While trying to position the lash perfectly, the glue can get all over the place. If you already have your eye and face makeup on, the mess could be hard to deal with. These eyelash glues can be extremely hard to take off. However, if you’re already comfortable with false eyelashes application, this is a walk in the park for you.

The most exciting fact about a tinted eyelash adhesive is that it adds the blackness with no eyeliner. That’s right – with this glue you don’t even need to apply the eyeliner to camouflage the gap. Usually, before applying falsies, the makeup professionals advise adding a black line along the upper lash line. In this product, you get a glue and an eyeliner all in one! Can you even imagine how much shorter does this make your makeup application? These are some great news, especially for those of you who aren’t particularly crafty with the eyeliner. The glue makes the falsies blend with your natural lashes effortlessly and instantly. Also, it preserves its color even after it dries. What you see is what you get.

You won’t have any trouble removing it from your eyelids, either. Once you take off your falsies, use a makeup wipe to get rid of the excess glue.

Kiss I Envy Super Strong Hold Black Eyelash Adhesive

You know how some of the false eyelash glues tend to have a really strong odor? While it disappears and you certainly can’t feel it once the glue dries, it can be rather unpleasant. Also, this strong of an odor can indicate certain ingredients and chemicals which aren’t particularly good for your skin. The products you use around your eyes are the ones you should be the most cautious about. It’s never wise to choose the eyelash glue based only on its power. Even if an eyelash adhesive does hold the falsies in place, it can be harmful for your eyes and skin. Safety always comes first!

Speaking of strong, unpleasant odor, this is something you won’t encounter with this particular eyelash adhesive. This Kiss I Envy false eyelash glue is completely odorless, and mild on your eye skin. Just like the Kiss I Envy glue we talked about before, this one also comes with an applicator brush. As you can see, all the glues in this selection do have an applicator. Working without it can cause an unnecessary mess you don’t want to deal with. An applicator also allows you to keep your glue away from any bacteria and dirt. Packages without an applicator tend to be very messy, and the built up product on them is hard to remove. This built up product is usually where bacteria nests and expands. Therefore, we should all take a moment to appreciate the glues with an applicator.

Unlike the previous eyelash glue from the same brand, this one is in color black. Also, it is waterproof and great for everyday use.


All of these false eyelash glues provide a gentle, yet powerful foundation for your false eyelashes. A vast majority of them contains no latex, or other potentially harmful ingredients. These formulas are gentle on your eyes, and easy to remove afterwards. None of these false eyelash glues will cause your natural eyelashes to fall out while removing it. The removing process is as easy as removing any eye-makeup (or even easier).

When removing the remaining eyelash adhesive from the lash band, tweezers can come in handy. You can use them to pick off the remaining glue and clean the lash band without ripping it. To wrap up the cleaning, you can use a little bit of a makeup remover on a cotton swab. This way you’ll be able to clean the entire area and leave the falsies fresh for the next use. For waterproof eyelash adhesive you may have to use a makeup remover for waterproof products.

Also, all of the 5 best glues in the selection have a precise brush applicator. Instead of applying the glue directly out of the tube, the applicator offers precision and easy managing. It also lets you control the placement of the glue on the lash band. A little tip when applying the glue onto the lash band: concentrate the most glue on both ends. This will ensure that the corners don’t go up, which is the most common ‘malfunction’ with the falsies.




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