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Wouldn’t it be great to simply put on some mascara and be out the door? Not all of us have this possibility. As a matter of fact, most of us have to work really hard. How many times have you stabbed yourself in the eye with the mascara wand? Or ruined your eye makeup when the mascara transfers onto the eyelid? Achieving fuller lashes with mascara can be rather frustrating and time-consuming.

Other options can be equally as stressful and inconvenient. One of the most popular trends at the moment are eyelash extensions. As tempting as they are, they are usually not the wisest choice. They can permanently damage your natural eyelashes and bring you back to the beginning.

There is a healthy, permanent way you can wake up with longer lashes each and every day. It’s always refreshing to enhance our natural features instead of adding accessories. Eyelash lengthener serums are the best way to change your lashes for good. Consistent use of eyelash lengthener can bring your natural lashes to the point where you’ll feel confident with just a layer of mascara on.

Not only does eyelash lengthener serum enhance the eyelash growth, it also contains beneficial ingredients. Your lashes, just like your hair, require attention and maintenance. Although you may not be aware of it, lashes are exposed to many harmful conditions. They need the nourishment and protection that comes from the eyelash lengthener serum. With only one product, you’re protecting your lashes and helping them grow.

How to select the best eyelash lengthener serum?

What can make a world of difference with the eyelash lengthener serum is the applicator. The way you apply the serum should be smooth and precise. Therefore, the applicator must be easy to work with. After all, you do wanna avoid hurting yourself when adding any product. Certain eyelash products tend to get messy and hard to manage. Everything goes on smoother when you can control the amount of the product.

An eyelash lengthener serum is supposed to preserve the existing lashes while helping production of the new ones. It is crucial for eyelash care to give them a strengthening treatment. Lashes are very fragile and they tend fall off easily. Even without touching or rubbing your eyes, you can find them on your pillow or face. If you’re tired of losing your lashes, try an eyelash lengthener serum.

It can be tiring trying to make lashes appear longer every single day. It takes a lot of work to apply tons of mascara, or adjust falsies on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it all be easier if your natural lashes were a bit longer? Eyelash lengthening serum has natural vitamins and organic ingredients which make your lashes grow rapidly. It also increases the quantity of hair that grows.

If you’re on a hunt for a really good eyelash lengthener serum, it is always wise to gravitate towards natural ingredients. The less chemicals – the better. Additionally, they all work in different time frames depending on the number of applications. Don’t rule out a serum only because it’ll take a little bit more time. Trust the process and you’ll love the final result.

Sa Palette Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

The first eyelash lengthener we’re gonna talk about is the Sa Palette Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum. Sparse eyelashes with little hair and bald spots are something you no longer have to deal with. This Sa Palette eyelash lengthener can put an end on this situation once and for all. Its organic formula contains absolutely no damaging, harmful ingredients you’d rather stay away from. The serum doesn’t only affect the length, but the volume and thickness of the existing eyelashes. It also promotes the growth of the new ones, which is always a plus, right?

What the formula does consist of are organic botanical elements, vitamins, and peptides. You can decide the pace at which you prefer to apply it. Therefore, you can choose between application at day or at night. Application during the nighttime is definitely a safer choice, if you have the tendency of touching or picking your eyelashes, like I do. The manufacturer stresses the fact that this is an effective, yet safe technique to upgrade the quality of your eyelashes.

The eyelash lengthener affects the very root of the lash, strengthening it and promoting the growth. Meanwhile, the actual lash hair remains protected. In just 6-8 weeks you’ll notice magnificent results.

Pure Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil USDA Certified for Eyelashes Growth Serum

The Pure Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil is a product which has a certification of quality. The castor oil is 100% natural, and cold pressed. This means that there are no additives nor chemicals aside from the natural elements. What the product promises is protection against hair breakage. This means that it allows the hairs to grow without breaking or thinning which can occur daily. To make things even better, you can also use it for your eyebrows. Eyebrows can be just as sensitive and breakable as lashes. Therefore, extending the care to your eyebrows can’t hurt.

If you’re wondering how does the castor oil work and what exactly are its benefits, here’s a brief introduction to the notion. The castor oil provides the hair with strength and resistance. Additionally, it allows the hair to grow, and even initiates the growth of brand new hairs. Whatever it is that causes the hair to fall off, castor oil can get to the bottom of the issue. There are various factors which can cause the hair to fall off or break. Among others, there are aging, stress, or negligence. It doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with, as long as you use this product regularly.

Application can never be the issue with this eyelash lengthener. The product comes with 5 different applicators which can be adjusted to different areas. Each of these applicators provides a different level of precision and firmness. Whether you want to coat your lashes or your eyebrows, with these applicators it’ll go smoothly.

Alice Nouveau – Lash Enhancing Growth Serum

Speaking of precise applications, it doesn’t get more precise than Alice Nouveau Lash Enhancing Growth Serum. The extra-thin applicator allows you to coat every single lash, without exception. This means that the treatment will be thorough and precise every single time you apply the product. If there’s a specific area that you want to concentrate the most product on, the applicator will allow you to do so.

Here’s what this eyelash lengthener promises: boost, softness, and obviously length. First and foremost, you’ll notice your eyelashes getting thicker and more noticeable as the time passes. What will follow behind the volume boost is the softness of the hair. Your eyelashes will become more bendable and easier to work with, especially when applying mascara. Finally, the initial reason for the application – the lengthening will occur. The lashes, already thicker and bolder, will start growing longer and stronger.

The softening effect is the proof of the conditioning property of this growth serum. Just like the hair conditioner leaves your hair silky, soft, and easy to work with, the serum will perform the same action on your eyelashes. It’ll almost make you feel like you have those Russian volume eyelash extensions on.

The results definitely speak for themselves. Recent studies show that the serum causes the length to increase by 17%, and lash diameter by 19%. And mind you, the time frame for this experiment didn’t exceed 30 days!

MegaLash – Best Natural Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Serum Oil

The Megalash Serum Oil offers some pretty serious promises. According to the manufacturer, the serum should show up to 42% increase when it comes to eyelash length and thickness. The shocking part is that this result is expected within 2 weeks! If you continue with the use, the eyelash growth serum oil could increase the growth by 72% in 42 days. If this doesn’t seem too realistic, you should know that you can return the product. If it turns out that you can’t notice the promised results, the manufacturer does accept returns. And obviously, you will receive a refund in this case.

This eyelash growth serum oil is an invention of a scientist – a person who specializes in this particular area. Therefore, an involvement of an expert does add a note of security and professionalism. Speaking of professionalism, this eyelash lengthener received an award in the category of eyelash growth enhancement in 2016. Unlike other similar products, it doesn’t alter the sensitive skin around the eyes, and it certainly doesn’t cause discoloration.

Moreover, the application of the serum is incredibly easy. The brush applicator allows you to cover all the areas and reach every single lash. The precise applicator also prevents product waste, which can be an issue with larger applicators.

Megalash eyelash lengthener is 100% safe and enriched with multiple natural, eyelash-restoring ingredients. It lacks any parabens, dyes, and dangerous chemicals. This means that you won’t encounter any redness, rash, or allergies.

3D Fiber Lash Mascara with Growth Enhancing Serum by Simply Naked Beauty

If you’re not buying the whole ‘multiple purpose’ story, you’ll find this 3D Fiber Lash Mascara a lot more trustworthy. This growth enhancing treatment by Simply Naked Beauty offers 3 tubes for 3 respective steps. The first step is, of course, the growth serum. The serum is packed with numerous nutrients which enhance the growth and preserve the lashes. Aside from the serum, there’s a regular mascara. This mascara doesn’t only affect the volume. It elongates the eyelashes, separates them nicely, and lifts them up. To make the growth process even more intense, the black mascara itself also has growth-aiding constituents.

With this Simple Naked Beauty mascara you won’t end up with clumpy, glued lashes. Therefore, the wispiness and lusciousness of your lashes will have no boundaries. Also, you will not notice the blackness of the mascara fading during the day, since this is a long-stay formula. It does not smudge, and it does not transfer.

The third tube carries the fibers which contribute to the visual appearance of fullness. The fiber sticks onto the wet surface once you apply the mascara. The little particles of lash-like material create the illusion of longer, thicker eyelashes.


It is easier to get used to using different accessories and additions such as falsies and extensions. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself unable to function without them. Why spend money on these products, when your natural lashes can look just as good? Imagine putting on a quick coat of mascara and being ready to go. If you can bring your natural features to perfection, there’s no need for anything fake. Each of these eyelash lengtheners can earn your trust quickly. With consistent, daily use, you’ll be able to tell the results in a matter of weeks.



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