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Whether you’ve damaged your lashes with a treatment, or you simply want them thicker, an eyelash thickening serum is the way to go. Besides all the other methods which leave you with temporary thicker lashes, I bet you want something that lasts. Unfortunately for most of us, those falsies need to come off eventually. Also, the mascara needs to be taken off and reapplied. How many mornings did you wish you didn’t have to reapply your makeup? We all experience this struggle.

Just like any other part of your body, eyelashes need some lovin’, too. It’s not enough to thoroughly remove your eye makeup (which can’t be stressed enough). You also need to use special eye-conditioning makeup removers. Using regular soap or similar products can damage your sensitive skin around the eyes. In the process of washing off your makeup, your eyelashes can suffer, as well. As you know, they fall off daily to be replaced with new ones.

For the appearance of thicker lashes, more hair is required. Even if you have long lashes, without volume they can be pretty invisible. An eyelash thickening serum will enhance and optimize the eyelash hair growth. Once you start growing more eyelash hair than you lose, you’ll augment and intensify the eyelash volume.

Voluminous lashes are what many girls daydream about. Lashes can open up your eyes and give you that sultry, sexy look. And hardly anyone can resist that type of look! An eyelash thickening serum can help you transform your lashes completely.

How to intensify natural eyelashes with eyelash thickening serum?

Eyelashes are a very delicate category. If you use makeup every day, it is probable that you damage them constantly when removing mascara. Treating your lashes like this on a daily basis requires some care, too. The best way to do so is to combine various beneficial effects for your eyelashes. You want them stronger all the way from the root, and you also want them to grow. The product which combines all of these effects is eyelash thickening serum.

The way these serums work is that they strengthen the eyelashes you already have. The effect starts from the root of your lash, where you need the most resistance. Going from the root up, your eyelashes become stronger, and therefore more visible. Also, an eyelash thickening serum has extremely beneficial ingredients that enhance lash growth. This means that the eyelash thickening serum works on many levels simultaneously.

Whether you want your lashes to look better without mascara, or with it, eyelash thickening serum is the answer. While preserving and nurturing the existing lashes, it is enhancing the growth. What is important with this product is consistency in use. Effects cannot and will not be visible immediately. When you start using it, give it some time to perform its magic. In a couple of weeks, you’ll have gorgeous, thick eyelashes. The effects are most visible in cases of girls who had hardly any lash to begin with. If you belong to this group, I bet you never thought you could have thick lashes without falsies. Well guess what, eyelash thickening serum can give you just that.

Different eyelash thickening serums have different intensity. Here, we discuss the 5 ones which deliver the best results which are permanent. With each eyelash thickening serum out of these 5 there’s a guarantee of fuller, stronger lashes.

Organyc Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

A lot of girls notice their eyelashes disappearing on a daily basis. Some of you may have naturally sparse and coarse eyelashes. The eyelashes tend to break for so many different reasons. Makeup, hormonal changes, stress, and many other factors can be included in this process. Whether you want to reverse the situation, or simply protect your eyelashes, eyelash thickening serum can help you.

Organyc eyelash thickening serum can perform its magic regardless of the seriousness of the situation. Even if you thought that your lashes could never change, this serum can cause a drastic improvement.  You can use it after you take off your eyelash extensions, or after years of damaging your lashes with makeup. It works the best as a repair treatment. Also, you can also use it to grow and protect your eyebrow hairs!

In only 60 days you can regrow completely destroyed eyelashes. With this serum, you can make your eyelashes thicker, longer, and fuller. The serum will also nourish them and provide them with the much needed nutrients.

The formula is cruelty-free and vegan. It contains no potentially threatening elements, such as chemicals. Also, there are no artificial colors, nor fragrances. Finally, if you don’t find it helpful, you can send it back and you will receive a refund.

Lashtoniic Eyelash Eyebrow Growth Serum

Lashtoniic eyelash thickening serum promises to reinforce the health and appearance of your eyelashes. I bet, before noticing a problem, you haven’t given much thought to the health of your eyelashes. Unfortunately, this is something that many of us choose to neglect. We take great care of our skin, nails, and hair, but eyelashes somehow don’t make the list. All we do is apply makeup, which we usually take off rather aggressively. No wonder we end up with decrease in eyelash volume and length! You can change your bad habits, and consequently the look of your lashes.

This eyelash thickening serum doesn’t only positively affect the thickness. It promotes the shine, as well as the structure of the lash. Since it is a 100% natural product, it can’t damage your lashes and skin in any way. On its ingredient list you won’t find any chemicals which could cause any kind of irritation. It is absolutely safe for your eyes and eyelashes.

If you like to know the actual results rather than empty promises, here’s something for you. Lashtoniic can help you grow additional 1-3mm of eyelash (or eyebrow)! While promoting the growth, it also thickens the eyelashes and gives them natural fullness.

This product, just like many other serums, requires consistency in use. For best results, you should use it 2-3 times a day, and keep doing so until you notice a difference.

La Vie Natural Cosmetics Eyebrow & Eyelash Growth Enhancing Conditioner

La Vie Natural eyelash thickening serum carries the name natural for a reason.  Its deeply conditioning mixture contains all natural, organic ingredients, enriched with vitamins. Ingredients found in this conditioning serum, such as biotin and vitamin E, are vital for eyelash growth and health. Since there’s no inclusion of chemicals, the formula is absolutely safe.

The conditioning treatment can help you grow and thicken your eyelashes, as well as your eyebrows. Its growth-promoting formula consists of elements which protect the existing hairs. Therefore, besides growing new hair, you’ll take care of the existing eyelashes, as well.

The fine bristles on the brush applicator make the whole process easy and safe. Thanks to the precise applicator, you’ll be able to coat every single lash, both upper and bottom. Moreover, its shape suits the eyebrow hairs, as well. While growing your lashes, you can use the treatment to do the same with your eyebrows. The applicator resembles an eyeliner brush, and is extremely easy to work with.

Once again, the formula is cruelty-free and vegan. While some brands disregard the importance of this issue, La Vie Natural doesn’t test the product using an animal.

Eyelash Growth Serum: Clinically Proven Thicker, Longer and Bolder Lash Enhancement Formula

How many days does it take an eyelash thickening serum to show some noticeable results? This period varies from one serum to the other. It can take you weeks, or even months to begin noticing a difference. I know that many of you may be very impatient, which is why you’re turning to a serum in the first place. The eyelash thickening serum by NeutralPure can give you actual results you can feel, touch, and witness in just 15 days! In a little over 2 weeks, you’ll notice much more thickness in your eyelashes. In another 15 days, prepare for mind-blowing 17% longer eyelashes!

Aside from numerous beneficial components which enhance the thickness and growth, there are also many conditioning ones. This eyelash thickening serum also contains Panthenol and Glycerin, which is responsible for softness and shine of your eyelashes. It is rich in nutrients such as Biotin and Vitamin E.

The serum applies rather simply. You add it onto your upper lash line, just like you’d do with an eyeliner. Of course, it is best if you use it on a daily basis.

The transformation this eyelash thickening serum causes is not of short life. This is not one of those products which make a temporary change which fades away easily. The results are permanent, and real.

Nuvega Lash Natural Vegan Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

Nuvega Lash eyelash thickening serum promises a transformation so drastic you’ll throw away your falsies, as well as your mascara! Can you even imagine having lashes so thick you don’t have to use mascara to emphasize them? I know at this point having eyelashes as luscious as falsies seems impossible. However, an eyelash thickening serum such as Nuvega Lash has the capability of revamping your eyelashes completely.

When it comes to quick, drastic transformations, you may be skeptical. A lot of these ‘miracle products’ tend to cause so many unwanted side effects. Some serums can even cause your eye color to change! However, with Nuvega Lash, there’s a guarantee that these situations will not occur. Its formula is opthaolmologically tested, and natural in its entirety. Therefore, even contanct lens wearers can freely use this serum. It doesn’t contain any odor, nor color.

It has a vegan formula which protects and preserves the existing eyelashes before anything else. The serum also prolongs their growth cycle, making them last longer before they fall out. Once they do fall out, the growth-promoting ingredients aid the creation of new ones. This means that you won’t have sparse areas for too long if you use the serum regularly.

Nuvega Lash eyelash thickening serum is 100% vegan since it includes absolutely all vegan ingredients. This all-vegan serum, even without harsh constituents, brings a significant result in only 6-8 weeks.


All the incredible serums in this selection lack any potentially damaging ingredients. As you can see, chemicals aren’t a must when it comes to transformation processes. Since your eyelash region is so sensitive to start with, no harsh eyelash products should be on your shelf. You want to shield your eye area from any aggressive cosmetic items. Even if natural serums do take longer to produce results, it’s better to wait than to jeopardize your health. Therefore, pick one of these 5 amazing natural eyelash thickening serums and start the transformation today.




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