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False eyelashes can dramatize any kind of look. Sometimes you don’t even need to add makeup on your eyes. A touch of a bold lipstick paired with false eyelashes is all you need to shine. The best thing about them is that they come in a variety of shapes. For any event or occasion, you can find a corresponding pair of false eyelashes to complete the overall look. Not only is there a range of shapes, but of colors, as well (in case you really wanna make a statement). Even if you end up not liking any of them, you can always customize them. While some of you may find this approach a little bit out of your comfort zone, fear not. You’ll get used to adjusting the falsies onto your eye.

When searching for the best false eyelashes, there are certain factors to be considered. The quality of the design determines their durability. Falsies tend to be a little bit pricey, so you should get as many uses out of them as you can. Lashes must be stiff enough to endure the cleaning, without shifting the shape. However, they shouldn’t be too stiff, since they need to hug your eye shape. The quality of the lash band is of extreme importance, as well. Since you’ll be picking off the glue, you should aim for supreme quality in lash band.

As you can see, some details matter when it comes to false eyelashes choice. However, don’t get discouraged! It’ll all be worth it.

What to pay attention to when selecting the best false eyelashes?

Your eye shape. It is hard determining whether the eyelash suits your eyes when they’re still in the package. However, try to visualize them on yourself. If you have small, hooded eyes, really intense false eyelashes can close the eye. In this case, you should opt for a less dramatic pair. False eyelashes can overpower the look. Therefore, be careful if you want your eye makeup to peak through. Too much volume in the lash can hide the makeup look, and it’d be a shame to spend all that time on it for nothing.

The importance of the lash band can’t be stressed enough. If you’re a beginner, you should go with a thinner band. This way it won’t be as noticeable if you leave a gap between the band and the lash line. Sometimes, you’ll have to add some mascara to make them blend. Thinner false eyelashes are easier to work with and apply. Also, the quality of the band determines the wearability. If the lash band is too soft, you’ll end up tearing up the band when removing the glue.

Although some false eyelashes come with a glue, you should know that these glues are usually not the best. Therefore, you shouldn’t base your decision on whether the glue comes with the pair. Glues are a whole other topic, but they make a world of a difference. Therefore, make sure to invest in a good glue, since without it the lashes have no purpose.

There are false eyelashes with real or faux hair. The ones with the real hair cost more, but also last longer. If you’re an animal lover, it would be wise to check if the brand is cruelty-free. The faux hair falsies can still last a really long time if you take good care of them. This means removing the built-up glue and mascara after every use.

Long Cross False Eyelashes Makeup Natural 3D Fake Thick Black Eye Lashes

Instead of 1 pair, you get 3 pairs of 3D thick black eyelashes! These false eyelashes are 100% handmade, and cruelty-free. They’re made of high quality synthetic hair which doesn’t fall off when you’re cleaning off the excess mascara. As a matter of fact, the cleaning is very easy and quick. With real hair, there’s a possibility that the hairs will lose their wispiness when you’re cleaning them. However, these particular eyelashes maintain the shape and never lose the stiffness. On the other hand, the lash band is flexible enough and you can easily adjust it to your eye shape.

Speaking of the cleaning process, all you need for cleaning is a pair of tweezers and a makeup remover. Use the tweezers to remove the glue off the band once you take them off. The makeup remover will help you take off the built-up mascara. Although applying too much mascara isn’t very good for the falsies, these particular lashes will endure many uses, even with mascara application.

This eyelash style in particular is very versatile. Those of you who have no trouble wearing bold eyelashes on the daily basis can definitely wear them during the day. If you don’t have time to change the makeup for the nighttime, these will be glamorous enough for a night out, as well.

The package includes 3 different pairs, but no glue. Nevertheless, investing in a good glue is a must with falsies.

Icona Lashes Reusable Handmade Cruelty Free Love Story False Eyelashes

For false eyelashes care, it is important to have proper storage. With Icona Lashes, you get the prettiest storage there is. Each of the pairs comes in a signature pink case which can be a great accessory for your makeup table. These Icona falsies can adjust to any occasion. You can definitely wear them during the day, but they lack no drama for the nighttime.

The lash band is very flexible and easy to work with. It is thin enough for easy application, but it is still sturdy enough so that you can wear them multiple times. The thinness of the band makes you forget that you even have them on. This particular style accentuates the length, making the lashes look wispier.

If you do take care of them and clean them after every single use, you can wear them up to 7 times. They are cruelty-free, handmade, and easy to blend with your natural eyelashes.

Ardell Deluxe Pack Lash

Ardell Demi’s are one of the most popular false eyelashes for a reason. They are the holy grail of natural-looking false eyelashes all over the world. However, the Ardell Deluxe Pack doesn’t only provide two pairs of these famous falsies. The deluxe pack also includes the world-famous DUO eyelash adhesive, as well as an eyelash applicator. Talk about a great deal!

This Ardell Deluxe Pack has everything you need for flawless lashes. First and foremost, there are two pairs of gorgeous Demi lashes. Demi’s are your perfect pick of natural, everyday lash. They give just enough volume and length to your real eyelashes, without being too much. If you don’t like your falsies to overpower your own lashes, Demi’s will be your go-to falsies.

In the category of eyelash adhesives, Ardell DUO has been the absolute favorite for many girls. It is definitely one of the strongest eyelash glues which keeps them posted for a really long time. In this exclusive package you also get a tube of this amazing adhesive. While usually the glues you get with your falsies have no actual purpose, that isn’t the case with DUO. When you buy this Ardell Deluxe Pack, you won’t need to get any other eyelash glue.

Finally, the pack has a little smart tool which will make the application as easy as it can be. This eyelash applicator has a tweezer side on one end which allows you to safely position the lash. On the other end there’s a soft tip which will help you secure the lashes into place without using your fingers.

 50 Pairs Black Long & Natural Thick Soft Reusable False Eyelashes – 5 Kinds of Style by Goldrose

It’ll be easy to find the adequate style for your eyeshape with this Goldrose 50-pairs pack. In this exclusive pack, there are 10 pairs of 5 different unique styles. Not only is this a lash supply which can last for months, but it is also a great way to find your favorite style. This is particularly appealing for those of you who can’t bring themselves to cleaning the lashes regularly. Also, if you tend to lose the lashes, you don’t have to worry, since there’s enough replacement for each style.

The 5 styles range from natural, daily-look ones, to the dramatic, extravagant ones. With this package, you have a lash pair for every single event and makeup look. All of these eyelashes are premium quality, black falsies.

The package also contains one more surprise! To help you with the application, there are stainless steel eyelash application tweezers. For many eyelashes, it is easier to grab and position them with tweezers rather than fingers.

Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes

Ardell Demi Wispies are a perfect blend of natural-looking, casual lashes and drama. They are glamorous and simple at the same time. No wonder they’re Ardell’s top selling false eyelashes! The unique blend of the styles makes them one of the most popular falsies out there.

Demi Wispies add the dimension to your eyes, creating that sultry look. What’s great about them is that, even without any eye makeup, they’ll still blend in nicely. The lash band is very thin and it won’t show if you apply them properly. They won’t overpower any look, but they are glamorous enough to be worn on their own.

This Ardell Multipack actually comes in a package of two. Each of the packs has 4 pairs of Demi Wispies. Of course, they’re reusable, and if you treat them properly, you’ll get about 10 wears out of each pair. What prolongs the wearability is not applying any mascara over them. Try applying mascara only to your natural eyelashes, and then adding the falsies. Use your fingers or an eyelash applicator to gently squeeze them together.

The back of the pack shows an easy 3-step instruction for effortless eyelash application.


False eyelashes have an unmatchable transforming power. They can open up your eyes, make them appear longer, or wider. They bring the look together, and make your eyes the star of the show. No dramatic makeup look is complete without false eyelashes.

Although the application process can be annoying at first, I promise you’ll get used to it quickly. Find your favorite glue and stick to it. It’ll be your biggest ally when applying your favorite falsies. The customizing part will also get easier with time and practice.






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