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Many of you are probably wondering why would anyone use individual false lashes in the first place. Applying a full strip of lash may seem so much easier. However, the possibilities with individual false lashes are endless. Not only can you apply them easily, but you can also gain more control over your makeup. It can be hard finding the perfect lash. With individuals, you can add just a few of them to the sparse areas or the outter corner. This way you can emphasize the eyes without actually wearing falsies. This is a great method to turn to if you find false eyelashes to be heavy and uncomfortable. I promise, with the right false individual eyelashes, you won’t even feel anything on your eyes!

Another great use of false individual eyelashes is customizing your favorite falsies. You know that feeling when you have a pair of close-to-perfect lashes? With individuals you can upgrade your favorite pair of lashes and add them where you find suitable. This way, a pair of plain lashes can turn into a wispy delight! Also, with individual falsies you can become a designer of your perfect lash. All you need to do is take a plain pair of falsies and add some volume to them.

Individual false eyelashes can really change the way you do your eye makeup. The best thing about them is that they’ll blend with your natural eyelashes. It’ll be hard for anyone to notice that you’re wearing any individuals at all.

How to choose the best individual false eyelashes?

Individual false eyelashes come in many different shapes and forms. The first difference regards their size. You can choose longer ones, medium size, or small ones. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can decide the size. However, each of the sizes has a different purpose. You should use the long individual false eyelashes for the outter corner of your eye. Not only is this the best placement, but it’ll open up your eyes as well. The medium size falsies will blend nicely if you place them in the middle part of your lash line. Basically, you should follow the natural length and placement order of your eyelashes. Finally, the smallest lashes go closer to the tear duct.  It is important to choose the smallest one for the inner part, since the longer ones could bother you.

The second important difference between individual false eyelashes concerns the ‘knot’. This knot is an optional part of an individual lash which is on the end. The existence of this knot makes it easier for some people to apply the individuals. You can clearly see where to apply the glue, and how to position the lash. However, sometimes this knot can be noticeable, especially if you have no eye makeup. You can solve the issue by applying a thin layer of eyeliner along the upper lash line. On the other hand, individuals without a knot seem to be gaining more popularity. For some girls it is easier to apply these, since they blend into the natural lashes seamlessly. Also, these individual false eyelashes are very hard to tell from your natural lashes. On top of it all, you won’t even feel them, since there’s hardly any weight to them.

Finally, you can choose from a range of lash styles. The wispier style is great for the outter corner, since it’ll really elongate and define the eye shape.

Individual Natural Long Mink Fake Eyelashes Extension Handmade

These individual fake eyelashes by Bodermincer are high-quality individual falsies made of synthetic hair. Choosing the natural hair can be tricky at times, especially if the brand doesn’t have a cruelty-free certification. Quality synthetic eyelashes can look just as natural as the real ones. It all comes down the the design. These beautiful, wispy individual false eyelashes are just as glossy and soft as the natural hairs. They usually come in a package of 60 individuals. If you take good care of them, they’re definitely reusable. This means that the package will last a really long time.

The root of these Bodermincer individual false eyelashes can blend into the lash line seamlessly. It allows you to apply as many individuals as you wish, without them being too obvious. What’s great about individuals is that you can turn them into any kind of look you want. You can easily build it up from natural to full-blown nighttime look.

You can apply them on your own using an eyelash glue, or use them for eyelash extensions. Either way, they’re long-wearing, durable, and easy to work with.

The removal process is as easy as it can be. If you’re not a fan of pulling them out, you can definitely use a makeup remover.

Bella Hair 4 Different Length Natural Thick Soft Individual Eyelashes

To get the most wearable, natural-looking result, the best technique would be to mimic the natural length of your eyelashes. This means that the shortest pieces go closer to the tear duct, and the longest at the outter corner. Not only does this look more natural, but it also feels more comfortable. Having the longer individuals closer to the inner corner could cause a feeling of discomfort. Instead of buying separate packs of different length, Bella Hair Individual Eyelashes have 4 different lengths in 1 package!

The 4 rows of individual false eyelashes you get in one package have different length. All you need to do is apply them starting from the shortest, and finishing with the longest. Many brands offer only one universal length which doesn’t allow you to create a realistic look. With different sizes, you can really accentuate the eyes.

If you do take care of them and clean them after every use, you can wear them continuously for a long period of time. The individual eyelashes are of premium quality, and designed for multiple use.

Whether it is that you only want to cover the sparse areas, or create a more dramatic look, Bella Hair Individual Eyelashes are the right choice.

Kiss I Envy Trio Lashes

While most of the individual false eyelashes contain one or two clusters of lashes, these Kiss I Envy individuals have three. When you apply one cluster of Kiss I Envy individuals, it gives the appearance of three separate individuals. Therefore, using these lashes is much faster and effective.

Kiss I Envy individuals have more hair and volume than your regular false individuals. Obviously, this makes the application so much quicker. Only a few of these are enough to complete the look. If you find the individual lashes application too time-consuming but you still like them, try this trio. These unique individuals resemble chunks of falsies more than the actual individuals. Therefore, if you have trouble applying the falsies all at once, these can do the same trick, while making the application easier.

The Kiss I Envy Trio eyelashes come in different sizes. A single pack of false individuals contains 30 pieces which are definitely reusable. An overall impression of these eyelashes would be that they’re a wise alternative for both falsies and smaller individuals. They are as easy to apply as individuals, but can be as dramatic as the falsies, without adding too many pieces.

Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes

If you’re a makeup lover, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Ardell Duralash Naturals. Ardell is one of the most prestigious false eyelash brands. Their falsies, eyelash adhesives and individual falsies are some of the most popular products on the market. Their reputation guarantees quality and durability. In a lot of salons, you’ll find that the makeup artists and eyelash specialists use precisely their eyelashes.

These Ardell Duralash Naturals are called naturals for a reason. Being knot-free, they basically become a part of your natural lash line. For someone who doesn’t know that you have them on, it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Knot-free false individuals appear as clusters of your natural hair. This is why they’re the best choice for daily wear, or even extensions. They’re not over-the-top, but they do add the length and the volume.

A single package of these Ardell individual false eyelashes contains 56 pieces. If you use them and remove them cautiously, you’ll have them for a really long time.

The only difficulty you may encounter is precisely the lack of a not. For some of you, it may be hard to apply the glue and position the lash onto the skin. However, practice makes perfect, so keep working on your skills!

6packs Eyelashes – Flare Med by Christina

Especially if you’re a beginner and you need to practice, a larger quantity of individuals in a pack wouldn’t hurt. These Flare Med by Christina individuals come in 6 packs, and each of them has 60 individuals. At the beginning, you may waste some pieces. You need to learn to work with the glue, then to position the individual, and finally, to take it off. In this process, a lot of the eyelashes may get ruined, since they’re so tiny after all. This 6 pack will have you covered for a really long time. Even if you don’t feel like cleaning them after every use, you’ll have spare ones.

Flare Med by Christina are black, wispy, extremely natural-looking individual false eyelashes. They do have a knot which makes the glue and eyelash application so much easier. Since the individuals are so small, the knot helps you manage them and move them around. Also, you’ll know just how much glue is enough for each of the lash. The quantity of the glue shouldn’t exceed the size of the knot.

They also offer a variety of sizes, so you can mix and match the packages to get the perfect look.


There are many reasons why so many girls opt for individual false eyelashes instead of falsies. With falsies, it can be hard to bend and position the lash band, and to apply it correctly. You have to learn to measure the eye, cut and customize the lash band, and place it adequately. The whole process is so much easier with the individuals! Since they resemble the natural eyelashes so much, you won’t have trouble with the positioning. All you need to do is follow the natural order.

The use of individual falsies isn’t limited just to that. If you do wear regular falsies, you can customize and personalize them with individuals. Overall, they’re a great way to achieve a more natural look, or even a bolder one.


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