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There are many ways to make your eyelashes appear longer. The best method for you personally is the one you’ll be most comfortable with. Makeup and other techniques should never feel heavy or uncomfortable. They shouldn’t bother you or limit you in any way. It is of extreme importance to give yourself some time to figure out if a certain technique makes you feel confident.

Some people cannot bear the thought of wearing false eyelashes. They make their eyes feel itchy and weary. In fact, false lashes do require some getting used to. The first time you apply them may feel a little bit off. However, once you learn to work with them, you’ll gladly add them to your look.

If you want long eyelashes, but you don’t want to deal with falsies, there are other equally attractive methods. For instance, you’ve probably heard of eyelash extensions. This procedure has gained a great amount of popularity recently. Having eyelash extensions means having semi-permanent falsies. In addition, you don’t have to glue them on yourself, or take them off when you go to bed. However, they do require some maintenance and caution, especially when removing makeup.

If you’re more of an old-school gal, you’ll find that mascara can’t be replaced. Long eyelashes can definitely be achieved with the right mascara. The trick is, of course, finding the one that can amplify your lashes in particular. If the regular formula of mascara doesn’t do anything for you, you could try the fiber one.

What are the best ways to achieve the appearance of long eyelashes?

Let’s start with the basics. The easiest way to long eyelashes is definitely mascara application. With the right mascara, your eyelashes can peak through. Using a white primer on your eyelashes is a great way to prepare them. This way you’ll get the most length out each of them. Without primer application or prior to it, it is highly advised to curl your eyelashes. This technique will have them in the right position. If your eyelashes are going down or straight forward, they won’t appear as long. It is your main goal to prepare them for mascara application as much as possible.

To get long eyelashes, you must use the adequate mascara. In this case, lengthening mascara is your trusty ally. The bristles of this kind of mascara reach every single eyelash and coat it with the right amount of product. Also, the unique wands give you enough control to push them up and position them. In case a regular mascara doesn’t do much for you, you could turn to a fiber mascara. This mascara has little particles in it that resemble lashes. They don’t only give the appearance of long eyelashes, but also fuller ones. They add to the blackness and volume of your natural eyelashes.

Moving on to a less natural technique which will never fail you – falsies. False eyelashes have the power to instantly give you those long eyelashes you want. All you need to do is pick a style, and get a really good glue. Although application may be tricky at first, you’ll get better with each time. To make it easier on yourself, you can use tweezers, or even special applicator for falsies. If you’re not into that much drama on your eyes, try individual falsies. A couple of these at the corner of your eye will give you long eyelashes in a second. The best thing about individuals is that they’re hard to tell. Quite frankly, hardly anyone will notice that those aren’t yours.

Finally, the most permanent way to get long eyelashes are eyelash extensions. If you do choose this option, make sure you go to a certified professional.

Eyelash Extensions

What can these bad boys do for your eyelashes? Trust me when I say: you’ll absolutely love the result. The best way to describe eyelash extensions is referring to them as permanent falsies. This is exactly what eyelash extensions are: a durable way to have your falsies on. You don’t have to take them off at night, and you don’t have to glue them on! All you need to do is schedule an appointment with an eyelash extension professional. You can choose the length, the volume, and the style. In some salons, you can even bring a pair of your favorite pair of falsies as a reference.

What can go wrong? For starters, not turning to a trusty, reputable professional is one of the cardinal mistakes. It is your eyes and your eyelashes on the stake. And, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to jeopardize your safety. So, instead of choosing the cheapest option, do your research. Properly executed eyelash extensions can last for weeks. Therefore, this is a good investment, if you make a wise choice.

If a professional isn’t in charge of the process, you may end up with no lashes after you take them off. In case you do choose carefully, what you may find annoying is the care. You have to keep the extensions away from any products which contain oils. Also, you may want to modify the way you sleep. Diving your head into the pillow may deform your long eyelashes.

Fake Eyelashes

The best thing about falsies is that they can come and go as you please. Feeling bold today? Go with an over-the-top, statement-making pair. Want to add just a little bit more volume? A shorter, less full pair will do. You can change between styles, shapes, and forms whenever you wish. Unlike permanent eyelash extensions, you can take them off yourself without any danger. Depending on the glue, the process of taking off will require nothing more than a slight pull.

Also, falsies allow you do get creative. You can trim them, customize them with individual falsies, or even cut them in half. The possibilities are endless. With the right glue, they will remain in position, and you won’t even feel them. After a certain number of applications, you’ll need only a couple of minutes to pop them on.

The disadvantages? To be quite honest, there aren’t many. Most of the downsides of the falsies regard the level of expertise. Applying false eyelashes can be a real nightmare for beginners. However, with a good glue and a couple of test runs, you should be good to go. If you’re still having trouble applying them, you can cut them into pieces and apply them that way. If the glue isn’t as good, you may experience them moving throughout the day. Nevertheless, this concerns the glue choice, not the falsies.

Individual False Eyelashes

The easiest way to long eyelashes without much effort (aside from mascara) have got to be individual false eyelashes. If you compare them to regular falsies, you’ll find that they blend in much easier. While wearing individual falsies, there’s a guarantee that your eyes won’t feel heavy or overburdened. They are lightweight, easy to apply, and extremely easy to blend with the natural eyelashes. If you’re in a rush and you have no time to apply falsies, you can just add a few of these to the outter corners. This little trick will instantly give you the long eyelashes you want. A bit of mascara, and you’re good to go!

The individual false eyelashes can also be a good way to customize and personalize your favorite falsies.

For some reason, certain people find it harder to apply the individuals, as opposed to full-strip falsies. The main reason for this impression is that they are usually very tiny. Therefore, it can be hard to grab onto them without pulling out the hairs. Also, since they are almost miniature, it may be hard to see exactly where to position them.

Also, if you do want to achieve a more dramatic look with them, it may take some time. Since they come in sizes, to apply them along the entire eye, you’ll have to follow the steps. Achieving the fullness the regular falsies give you may take longer than you want. Therefore, if you don’t mind the drama the falsies bring to the table, maybe you should avoid the individuals.

Very Good Mascara

Here we are, back to the basics. Not everyone will have the time to get up in the morning and deal with eyelash glue. If you’re impatient, or you simply prefer a more effortless look, a mascara is the solution. While certain mascaras won’t change the look of your lashes as much, there are mascaras that certainly will. Choosing a very good mascara can give you long eyelashes with unbelievable volume which won’t wear off during the day.

The main advantage of mascara over all the other methods is quickness. Once you get used to the mascara wand, you’ll be able to apply mascara in a matter of seconds if you’re in a rush. You can even do this on the bus, in a restroom, and if you’re really good at it – even without a mirror. With a good mascara, you won’t be wasting your time on eyelashes.

The bad thing about the effect mascara provides is that it is temporary. It comes off at night, and it has to be reapplied. Also, no matter how good it is, it can never fully replace the falsies. You can have the longest, most voluminous lashes there are, but there can always be more dramatic falsies you’ll want. Also, mascara can fade during the day, which will force you to retouch. Finally, the applying process can get repetitive and, if you need layering, rather time-consuming.

Fiber Mascara

Fiber mascara is something you would end up with if you’d create a mixture of mascara and individual falsies. Fiber mascara usually comes in two separate tubes. The first tube contains regular mascara which is usually in a form of a gel. It has a wet, sticky consistency which serves as a surface for the fibers. Once you coat the lashes with the ‘primer’ mascara, you simply pour out some of the fibers onto your eyelashes. As a result, little particles resembling eyelash hairs will stick onto your natural eyelashes.

Fiber mascara allows you to achieve long eyelashes and extra volume quickly. Basically, it comes down to mascara application, with a little additional, yet quick step. Actually, this additional step is what makes the biggest difference. The fibers act as little lash particles which are hard to tell from your natural hairs.

What can get messy in this process is the fiber application. With some fiber mascaras, there’s a larger tube which can leave little fibers all over the place. Therefore, the application isn’t always as smooth. If the packaging doesn’t allow you to control the amount of the fibers, you may end up wasting the product.


The choice of the method to achieve long eyelashes largely depends upon your personal preference. For some people, the thought of applying false eyelashes every day is unbearable. On the other hand, the coverage that a mascara offers is simply not enough for some girls. Also, eyelash extensions may seem like too much of a hassle when it comes to maintenance. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily have to be another person’s safe choice. Trying out different techniques before deciding for one is always a good approach. At the end of the day, ‘don’t knock it until you try it’ is a common expression for a reason.

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